Have you ever considered relocating to the vibrant state of Nevada? If yes, then Summerlin should be your prime destination. This master-planned community, situated on the western rim of Las Vegas, offers a unique blend of urban sophistication and suburban tranquility, making it an attractive place for individuals, families, and retirees alike.

The Allure of Summerlin

Summerlin’s allure is multifaceted, with a host of reasons that make it a top choice for relocation. One of the major benefits of living in Summerlin is Nevada’s tax advantages, including no state income tax and relatively low property taxes. These financial perks, combined with Summerlin’s high quality of life, make it a perfect spot for relocation.

Consistently ranked among the best places to live in Nevada, Summerlin appeals to a broad spectrum of tastes and lifestyles. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast with a love for nature, a foodie with a refined palate, a shopaholic with a flair for fashion, or someone who enjoys a relaxed and laid-back lifestyle, Summerlin has got you covered.

The community is renowned for promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. With an array of parks, trails, golf courses, and outdoor activities available, there’s always something to do. Additionally, Downtown Summerlin is a bustling hub, offering a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Ascension Summerlin: A Blend of Luxury and Comfort

Among the many neighborhoods in Summerlin, Ascension Summerlin stands out for its unique blend of luxury and comfort. This newly constructed neighborhood embodies all the virtues that make Summerlin a desirable place to live.

Strategically located close to nature and urban conveniences, Ascension Summerlin offers the best of both worlds. Residents are just a stone’s throw away from the stunning Red Rock National Conservation Area, perfect for hiking and picnics. Simultaneously, the excitement and glitz of the Las Vegas Strip are within easy reach, offering endless entertainment possibilities.

This balance between tranquility and excitement, nature and city life, makes Ascension Summerlin a sought-after destination for those seeking to relocate. Boasting resort-quality living standards, Ascension offers a residential lifestyle that’s second to none.

A Safe and Engaged Community

In addition to its luxurious lifestyle, Summerlin is known for its safety and strong sense of community. It’s a safe haven, with a low crime rate, making it an ideal place for families. The sense of community is palpable, with numerous events and gatherings fostering a sense of belonging and helping new residents integrate quickly into the community.

Education and Healthcare

Summerlin isn’t just about leisure and luxury; it’s also home to top-rated schools and world-class healthcare facilities. The community boasts more than two dozen public and private schools, making it a great place for families with children. Also, Summerlin Hospital Medical Center provides high-quality healthcare services, ensuring that residents’ health needs are well catered for.

In Conclusion

In summary, Summerlin, and particularly Ascension Summerlin, offers an enticing package for those considering a move to Nevada. Its combination of tax benefits, lifestyle options, safety, community spirit, education, and healthcare facilities make it an attractive proposition. Indeed, Summerlin is more than just a place to live; it’s a place to thrive. So, if you’re contemplating a move, why not consider Summerlin? You won’t regret it!