It’s quite easy to say the real estate market in the United States has seen a dramatic shift in the last 12 months. So many transactions are requiring buyers’ to be prepared with cash offers, major down payments and other accommodations to even attract the seller’s attention. This trend has caused homeowners in Oregon, California and Washington to consider moving to other states with lesser-known real estate opportunities.

One such state that has been attracting retirees is Tennessee.

Move Over Florida, I’m Retiring In Tennessee

Florida used to be the retirement destination in the United States for those looking to retire and find a more relaxed climate. Now, the market is seeing more people relocate to Tennessee (among other climate-friendly southern states). Tennessee has been known to offer these individuals a relaxed lifestyle with plenty of space, and at a fraction of the cost they would pay in Florida or on the west coast.

What does Tennessee have to offer retired people?

Friendly Home Prices

Above all, Tennessee’s home prices in rural areas are unexpectedly low for the amount of home and real estate the buyer receives. This alone has attracted many people to migrate to the state where they are finding real estate taxes are lower, as well as the general cost of living. It’s been noted that gasoline, groceries and general entertainment is 23% less than residing in California. When you’re retired and living on a fixed monthly income from a 401K or other retirement plan, saving money in all areas of life is happily welcomed.

Outdoor Enthusiasts Enjoy It

From lakes to the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee has a gorgeous amount of outdoors to get lost in. Any retired individuals who enjoy hiking, backpacking, bird watching or mountain biking will fall in love with Tennessee’s outdoors. People may even enjoy living on Tellico Lake, a community dedicated to 55+ individuals, where they can fish and enjoy the great outdoors from their back deck.

The Food Is To Die For

Not only will people migrating to Tennessee become accustomed to drinking sweet tea throughout the day, the area is home to a wide variety of delicacies. In Knoxville, you’ll find some of the best BBQ restaurants in the country. However, you’ll also come across fine Mexican dining, Indian restaurants, Chinese food and so much more, all with a Tennessee spin.

The Arts & Entertainment

Nashville is know for its music environment and is home to several great artists. However, you’ll also find other areas of the state have an equally impressive music scene, art galleries, comedy clubs and more. If you’re planning to divulge into entertainment and the arts in your retirement years, you’ll fall in love with Tennessee.

Professional Sports

For sports-lovers, don’t worry – the state has you covered too. You’ll quickly discover die-hard Tennessee Titans fans and if you’re a fan of basketball, consider living in or near Memphis to become a fan of the Grizzlies.

What’s Not to Love About Tennessee?

These are just a handful of things Tennessee real estate agents are telling their out-of-state clients. But don’t take our word or your agent’s word for it; plan a trip to Tennessee and see for yourself!